mp3 export options

Just a quick question – are there any options for mp3 export which I can set in Dorico as I can’t find a way to configure it? The files produced are relatively large for some purposes. Of course even my humble version of Cubase Elements has various setting available but it would save time if they were in Dorico itself. Also is there any difference in the technology used between the two programmes in this field-- I’m assuming here that Dorico uses the Cubase audio engine but if there is some difference, it could be useful to know if it’s best to first export a .wav file and then process in Cubase or if there is some advantage to exporting the .mp3 from Dorico?


There are no user-configurable options at the moment, but it’s something we will add in future. There’s no particular advantage or disadvantage to exporting an MP3 from Dorico. If you want more control over the encoding settings, then you should export a WAV file and then convert to an MP3 in another program.

thanks, that’s clear.