Mp3 export unwanted ticking

When I export audio to MP3, I get a ‘ticking’ in the background. It seems metronomic and varies with the dynamics of the piece. I do not get this when I export to WAV - and it does not appear when I use a free on’line WAV-MP3 converter. I’ve uploaded a clip.

Anyone got any ideas why this happens - and is there a cure for it?

Hm, most curious. The only thing I can think of, is the Dorico Metronome switched on before you initiate the export? Because that could explain it. Can you please try again?
Or - and that is just a wild guess - increase the amount of sample buffer size of your audio device… Although during audio export no actual audio device is employed, but still the same buffer size gets used.

Ulf, I never use the metronome facility and, as I pointed out, the ticking doesn’t happen when I export WAV.

If I can figure out how to do it, I will try increasing the buffer size.

To increase the buffer size, go to Edit > Device Setup, click Device Control Panel, and you’ll find the setting in there. Depending on the specific audio hardware and drivers you have, the actual name of the option may vary, but it should have the word either “samples” or “buffer” in its name.