mp3 export

After the update, when I want to export a sound file I don’t get the opportunity that I had before to choose wav or mp3. A wav file is created automatically. I suppose I miss something here.

I fear you are not missing something but something has been abandoned.
There are good new features but this one seems to be gone.
Hope I’m wrong or it will come back soon.

Are you looking in the right place? File > Export > Audio creates .wav files for me (on Windows).

IIRC this option might have moved from somewhere else, and it used to have some bugs, but I can’t remember the details. There doesn’t seem to be an mp3 option any more, but there are lots of ways to convert wav to mp3 if you want to.

A pity, as it was quite convenient to get it straight away and not outside the programme. Thank you both.

This looks like an oversight to me, for which many apologies. We have redone the audio export dialog, but in the process have neglected to reinstate the option to choose the file type. We should be able to resolve that before the next minor update.

Thank you Daniel and somewhat comforting for us lesser mortals that there are oversitghts in the Dorico team <:-)

I did not even notice that change, since, for me (macbook pro retina late 2013) the mp3 export was soooooo slow… Easier to export in wav and then compress it with a nice program (XLD)

In Cubase you can set an audio file export to automatically launch and open in Wavelab :wink: Maybe D. could borrow that idea…

Until the issue is fixed, it’s pretty easy to convert a wav file to mp3 with a program like Reaper (both for mac and PC); make sure you have the lame dll for mp3 installed as well. Reaper has a 60 day trial and will remain fully functional after that, in case you prefer not to buy a license. The mp3 patents have expired, in a next version it will be included automatically (and possibly in other programs as well, to the extent they haven’t been included already).

You really want to export it as a wav file anyway, because you’ll want to Normalized the volume before converting to mp3. Audacity is a great FREE program for doing this.

Just a tip on exporting to audio from Dorico…

Be aware that Dorico comes with Equalizer, Maximiser, and Compressor/Limiter plugins. A little practice with these in the Master Slider effect chain of Dorico’s mixer can help you ‘shape up’ or “master” the loudness and character of your choosing.

If the recording levels you are shooting for are too loud for comfort through your speakers, then physically turn them down (Knob controlling the amplifier on the monitors/speakers) when setting up a mix-down export.