mp3 import/export

Could someone kindly clarify for me:

Does Cubase 6.5.5 (full version) import and export MP3 files while in 64 bit mode? I can use MP3s in Cubase 6.55 when in 32 bit mode, but in 64 bit mode the option doesn’t exist (greyed out). Which is a hassle, because I have to use another program to convert AIFC to MP3, or otherwise start up again in 32 bit mode.

If the answer is NO, are there any workarounds?

thanks for any answers and suggestions …

I use C6.5.5 (full version) in 64 bit mode and have no trouble importing or exporting .mp3.

Thanks Jaslan … I’ll get in touch with Technical Support to find out what’s the problem.

Same here, that should work fine.

Since what you are calling “64 bit mode” is really an entirely different instance of the program, I’m guessing you have to tell it where the codec/dll for the mp3 encoder is? I think it’s under the same thing where you tell it the VST plugs are, on a different tab.

Thanks Krudler … well, under Plug-in Information/Audio-Codec Plugins, there is an item named MPEG 1 Layer 2. But the path for this is … in other words, within the program itself.

Any more suggestions welcome!

Shouldn’t it be MPEG1 Layer 3? Don’t remember exactly. But yeah, that’s the spot. Maybe compare the entry in the 32-bit version and see what’s there, then make the 64-bit one match.

Have you considered a fresh install of Cubase and deleting the preferences?
Maybe something was corrupted or lost…

well, yes, I thought it should be Layer 3, too. Will investigate. … thanks for feedback

This is one thing I haven’t done, and I think you are right! Will let you know the results! Thanks.

well, I tried the fresh install option, including deleting the preferences, and including disabling plugins … but the results are the same … no sign of MPEG 3 in Plug-in information, only MPEG 1 Layer 2. MPEG 3 appears when I use Cubase in 32 bit mode. Does anyone have any idea of how I get the 64 bit mode to access the MP3 option which I see in 32 bit mode? I understand that the 2 versions are distinct programs, but do they have distinct locations separate from each other?

I sent a query to Steinberg support over a week ago, but have had no reply.

I checked and I do have the MPEG 1 Layer 3 (in 64 bit version). The file is in the same location as the MPEG 1 Layer 2 file. I am on Windows and don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I wish I could help but don’t know what else to do except keep trying support. I hope you get it working.

thanks Jaslan, will keep chasing support!