Mp3 import problem

Hey, i have a problem with cubase LE Al Elements 11, the software don’t let me import Mp3 archives, im new in this music production world and i don’t understand how fix it, i already have anothers sessions where i had mp3 archives and work well, also i can put mp3 archives in those sessions but in the lates sessions i made it doesn’t happen

I presume you mean mp3 files?

What happens when you try? Is there a message?

yes, when i want to import, software says “impossible to convert this audio file” and i can’t understand cause is a mp3 file.

Which licesne do you have? AI, LE or Elements? That info is in the Elicenser Control Center.
Can you upload one of the files here, or check it with something like MediaInfo (

This way we will know what exactly is in that mp3.

i have cubase Al 11, the software came with the UR22C
i already uploaded the file in mediainfo and i didn’t see a problem in the file think

Upload the file here, or copy/paste the info from MediaInfo in your reply.