MP3 metadata character encoding

Hello folks!

Does anybody have an issues with MP3 metadata character encoding?
I’m using MP3Tag app as workaround, but… this problem migrates from version to version (only for me ?)
and now I’m done :smiley:

kind regards

I haven’t noticed any character encoding errors in MP3 metadata. Could you post an example screen shot?

Here we go:

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I see. Thanks. I run Cubase in English and have not seen this problem – as far as I recall. Perhaps there’s some issue with the language module causing appearance of these corrupted characters in the Mp3 Metadata. Have you run the program in another language to observe if the same problem exists?

I’ll double-check my version. Perhaps some other user(s) will post their observations on this.

No problem with English only with Russian characters…
Would be great If someone could check this with other languages
thanks in advance

kind regards

So… Am I alone ?
Nobobody got this problem too ?