mp3 mix tape with track tags

A friend asked me to put together a “mix tape” mp3 of different songs. What he wants is the possibility to jump to one song to another with his ipod. I suppose I needs markers within the file to do that. How can I do that in Wavelab?
Can anybody help please?

I would just assemble the mix tape in a montage and then render individual numbered mp3 track files from it. The iPod should be able to deal with that, just like it would any other continuous track-separated album in the iTunes store (like a live album, or an album with crossfades between every track). Those types of albums aren’t sold as one big file, they’re sold as individual track files. If you could make one long MP3 with track markers in Wavelab (can’t remember if you can) I doubt the iPod could cue to those track markers properly anyway.

Thanks for your help. I thought the same thing but the guy told me somebody did it for him in the past as one long file and the ipod could jump to one track to another.
I think having separate files is more convenient anyway. I’ll go with that.

You could try it, using CD track Splice markers for the internal tracks in the montage, rendering “Whole Montage” with “Copy Markers” selected and MP3 as output file format. That will give you one long MP3 file. Maybe it would work fine and the markers would appear in the MP3, but honestly I’ve never tried it with anything but WAV. But if he says it works in the iPod, he probably knows better than I.

He must be talking about chapters in AAC or MP3. I don’t think there are many programs that can create those, but if you Google it there do seem to be a few. They say the AAC is playable and cueable in iTunes, and therefore iPod I guess.

As for Wavelab, I don’t think chapter creation ever happened:

I already tried to use the CD markers and include them but it doesn’t work.
In the end I bounced the separate mp3 files and everything seems to work fine.
I am not convinced that what he received in the past was one big file, I think it was many files in one folder.
Thanks bob99 for your help.