mp3 option missing?


Trying out this software. All seems fine, managed to hook up guitar rig 5 VST, all working nice. Only issue I have is firstly every attempt to export as a media file, .wav etc etc results in the file not being able to open in any software (just keeps giving unrecognised errors.)

What I really want to do is export directly as mp3 but this option seems to be missing, is this because I have a trial version??


Now unfortunately you´re not saying which software you are trialing, but mp3 is Mpeg 1 Layer 3, and should be available in all Versions except LE / AI versions.

DOH ! What a fol I am, was actually looking for the usual “mp3” option. Ok that is that sorted thanks.

(Cubase Elements)

Other quick question is. I can record using gr5 plugin. The resulting recording (before mixdown) is not just quite as deep and rich as it sounds when actually playing it.

Any ideas on that and I can get on with messing about with this.


I can correct it in Equalizer I think :wink:

Maybe you have a mix of direct monitor and the plugin monitoring…or are just hearing the strings in the room along with the guitar rig signal. Apart from this there is no reason I can think of it shouldn’t sound the same…you shouldn’t need to eq just to make it sound like the live playing.

Of course when you are in guitar god mode you may just think you sound better than you really do :smiley: