mp3 parameters

Unfortunately I see that the last release doesn’t fix it :
When we create a mp3 file we choose parameters for quality and bitrates like 128, 256 , 320 etc … after saved once if we modify the file by a process
and want to save again we have to enter another time all parameters and all the next times … it’s really annoying …

I answered your other thread but WaveLab can’t edit mp3. It must decode the mp3 to WAV, so saving the mp3 again would transcode the audio making it an mp3 of an mp3 and likely not sound good.

Is this what you are trying to do?

it’s not the problem, I just want to save a wav to mp3 sometimes but often I want to optimize the file maybe after the first save , why wavelab ask again the parameters of the mp3 if I don’t do ‘save as …’ ? if I do ‘save’ it means that I want to save with the same param. Not a problem of decode just wavelab should remember the type of mp3 before saved.

I see. I think in the meantime, saving a few Render Presets could save you some time and headache.

I did it but render and render again is not a valid workaround because the risk to apply several times the same plugins …

OK. I guess I don’t really understand what you are trying to do then.

it’s very simple , a very simple example :

  • you open a mp3 320 kbps
  • you decide to change the level of the file
  • you want to re-save the file → you do ‘File/Save’ ==> a popup appears to choose bitrates and quality … why ? I’m into a mp3 320 why wavelab ask again the parameters of the file ?
    if you do the same with a wav file wavelab don’t ask if you want to save a 24/48 or a 32/96 wav file !
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This goes back to my initial answer.

When you open an mp3 file in WaveLab, it has to be decoded to a WAV. WaveLab doesn’t open mp3 files directly. This is why you see a green marking on the file tab if you open an existing mp3 in WaveLab.

So when you have made your changes, you can either save again as mp3 (bad), or render a new mp3 file, also bad.

mp3 is not meant to be changed sonically. If you need to change the sound, go back to the session where the mp3 was created, make the changes, and render a new mp3.

If you open an mp3 in WaveLab and try to save or render again as mp3, you have transcoded audio which is an mp3 of an mp3.

Unless maybe WaveLab recently added the option to edit mp3 but I don’t think so. PG will know.

Even the mp3 is decoded to a wav in background, it’s just a problem of workflow the first parameters of the mp3 should be saved in memory and stay the same when the wav is coded in mp3 in output when you choose ‘Save’ and propose to choose parameters only when you choose ‘Save as …’.

What do you think about PG ?

(I don’t want to debate about the quality of an mp3, it’s just to make little file to exchange easily mp3 and to normalize for example and re-save the mp3)

WaveLab is not primarily a utility editor - it’s designed for mastering above all, and the people who do that are focussed on quality. It is assumed that they are sufficiently aware of the issues surrounding mp3 encoding, and especially decoding and re-encoding, that they will prefer to make decisions about the parameters themselves.


In the Save As dialog, you have this option.
Else, you can have Render preset that include the desired mp3 rendering setting, hence this can be done once for all.

Ok it works ! Thanks PG

hi there,sorry for hijacking this,but some of you probably know the answer.
i have wavelab 6,havent used it in years,went to save a file as mp3 today but only option is 128 kbps.
can i not save as 320?

Look for “Audio File Format” dialog
check manual or pdf

regards S-EH