MP3 patch and mixdown speed

I have used the search engines and have not found any answers to my questions.

  1. The mp3 patch for 15 dollars only references elements 6/7, I have the latest version of 9, will it work or am I missing the link?

  2. When I mixdown to .wav file, the speed of the recording is notably slower. Any ideas?


  1. It isn’t needed…don’t you have mp3 export working ok :confused:

  2. o/s, interface, buffers, what’s in project, what type of export???

thanks for the reply.

  1. lols, found mp3

  2. still mixing down way too slow. the project tempo is correct but mixed down to mp3 or wav, its awful. Window 10/all drivers updated. Cubase elements 9, the interface is Allen and Heath QU 32 with their native driver. The project has 3 guitars and one vocal. The pool says all files are 44.1 16bit. I have the mixdown set to 44.1 as well…

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

And the pitch deeper? Samplerate mismnatch.

yes both slower and pitch. I did some research and apparently Allen and Heath QU series driver only will record at 48k. I have adjusted everything in Cubase to 48 and the issue is resolved. I guess I will have to convert it to 44.1 if I ever need to burn to a CD. For the most part, if people are listening through their computer there will be no need to convert down to 44.1?

Brainfreeze lol :open_mouth: … Whewn you said speed of recording, I thought you meant it was slow to render the mixdown…not that the resulting file was slower. :blush:

So…Yes classic sample mismatch problem.

Chances are that anyone other than yourself listening on their computer will be hearing something other than the wav file you produced anyhow…an mp3 or whatever the streaming sites convert it to. So as long as it works for anything else you may want to do leave it 48k.

That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the topic title also :slight_smile: