mp3 Patch Download

I purchased and downloaded the mp3 patch so I can mix down to mp3. However it is not working. When I choose mp3 as my selection, a window comes up and says no more mp3 encoding, go to the Steinberg store. I tried restarting Cubase LE5 and that didn’t work. Then I restarted my computer and it still didn’t work. What do I need to do implement this patch? The license key codes are not showing up in my e-license page either. Ideas please?

AFAIK You need to download the license with the license code you have presumably received.

I have received the license code and have downloaded it with that code. It is still not working. This is the message I get every time…"The license required for application ‘MP3 Encoder C’ was deactivated, because it needs to be validated.
Should the licenseserver validate the licenses now?

You can use the ‘Validate License Usage Periods’ wizard of the ‘eLicenser Control Center’ to validate this license later." Then I click OK and this message comes up… “No more encodings. Go to online Shop” I can mixdown and export with WAVE, AIFC, AIFF and Windows Media Audio Files, but not MPEG 1 Layer 3. Any suggestions. Thank you.

Bkshirley1: Im in the same position as you, however after installing the mp3 upgrade, I dont even get the option to export to mp3. No difference than before. Have you done anything to get the patch into Cubase after installing it?

To start the MP3 patch, you will need the registration code sent in the receipt email from steinberg when you paid the $15.99. Open the eLCC control center, select the “actions” dropdown, and “enter activation code”. Type in the code from your receipt email and it will load. Then it will activate your patch.