MP3 patch

Just Purchase steinberg MP3 patch for my Cubase Element 8 which is installed on my macbook pro …
but cannot use it because of it need the elicenser to activation with it … I choose Cubase element 8 to installed on my macbook becoause it don’t need the elicenser … now i must have a elicenser just because want to export MP3 only? it is useless … cant I canceled the purchased the mp3 patch? thx

Problem Solves


please, wait and do not attempt to activate the MP3 patch again.

You don’t need it as Elements 8 includes unlimited MP3 encodings - and yes, it can be refunded if you didn’t activate the license.

For the order cancellation and refund, please get in touch with Asknet: (or better, see the order confirmation e-mail)

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Thx so much