Mp3 vs WAV issue

I have a score with for parts - guitars - using Noteperformer. I exported the four parts as mp3 files with no issue. The score, however, will only export the first guitar part, even though I have left the Players box unchecked. If, however, I select WAV, then I do get the entire score with all four parts.

Anyone else come up against this? Am I missing something obvious.

Hi @rpearl , would it be possible that you share that project with me, so I can check on my end? If you don’t want to post it publicly here, you can send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Full confidentiality guaranteed from my side. Thanks

Just a followup. I sent Ulf the file, and the issue turns out to be iTunes. If the exported mp3 is set to playback in a different program, then all is well. For some reason, iTunes resorts to the exported Guitar 1 part.

Many thanks to Ulf. As many of us have experienced, the support from Steinberg/Dorico is superb!