MP4 H.264 import fine in 8.5 now get invalid or not supported file!' error message in 9.0.40

8.5 the same videos import with no issue.

I wrote support with all details of my system, cubase version, pictures of the error message and showing side by side file properties - the only difference i could see was the ones showing up as “'invalid or not supported file!” had fps of 29

Support told me to make sure i had latest Quicktime player - so i did this although i had read on their site that no longer a factor after 9.0.30 - this did not fix it - He also said i should try buying 9.5 as that might fix it… so i wrote back with findings and never heard back.
So to summarise, all videos play fine in 8.5 but now only able to import 30 fps. in 9.0.40

Below is the email exchange:

Subject: video import- files created same device, same format-some load others get "invalid or not supported file!’ error message.

Description: ’
cubase pro 9.0.40

windows home 7 service pack 1 64 bit

They were both created on same device - same settings/format- the only difference i can see is the file ( and all that wont load) are 29 fps or 29.xx- the files that do load in cubase are all 30fps - ALL the files play in media player.and any other playback device or software.

About 1/3 of my video files do not have a even 30fps So this is a issue.( if i recall this was not a problem prev versions).

is the 29fps the cause of this?
attached are pics of the file details - the one ending in 58 works

Thanks for any help and advice!

**On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 8:38 PM Chris Mahurin <> wrote:
Hello ,

Can you check and see if Quicktime is up to date. Usually those errors result when it is not up to date.

The video engine has changed since Cubase 9. Currently 9.5 no longer uses quicktime. So, it may be worth checking out the upgrade.

My reply:

hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply . I just downloaded the latest quicktime version and it still does not work. I thought this could not be the cause as i am running 9.0.40? -this is what steinberg web site says:

From Steinberg’s site: You can safely uninstall QuickTime for Windows, if…
you are using a current Cubase/Nuendo version. A new Quicktime independent video engine has been introduced with Cubase 9.0.30 (all versions: Pro, Artist, Elements, AI, LE) and Nuendo 8. Read more…
you are generally not using videos in Cubase/Nuendo. Uninstalling QuickTime only disables the video engine of older Cubase/Nuendo versions. Apart from that, Cubase/Nuendo installations will remain fully functional.

I really do not want to buy 9.5 just to fix this. please advise . thanks!

No response. :frowning:


In Cubase 8.5 was Quick Time used. So if you want to load it in Cubase 8.5, Quick Time is necessary (and responsible).

In Cubase 9.0.40, you don’t need Quick Time anymore. There is internal video engine in Cubase.

I’m not sure, if exactly your vide format is supported in C9.5 or not. Therefore I would recommend you to download Cubase 9.5 Trial and you can try by yourself.

Detailed info about the videos would help. Could you attach it, please?

Hi Martin ,

Thanks for responding. I own 9.0.40 and really need to just work in this version. What i don’t understand is why steinberg support told me to make sure i had quicktime latest version when my details in support email said i was using 9.0.40.

These mp4 files were created on same device, same format. The only difference i can see in properties is one says 29fps and the one that works is 30fps. I asked whether this could be issue and never received a reply. ( and if it is, 8.5 video engine -Quicktime- had no problem importing these files ) So by upgrading to 9.0 i’ve lost ability to import almost half of my mp4s with steinberg’s new video engine.

Thanks again

I tried uploading all three images but only one would show , even tho preview indicated all three were present … so here they are individually - sorry

invalid message


Could you please share these two videos (via Dropbox or similar, send me the link via PM, please).