MPC Essentials Plugin in Cubase AI 8

Hi all,

I am having trouble getting the MPC Essentials Instrument/plugin to work in Cubase AI 8. I keep receiving an error message that I have not unlocked the software. However, when I run the MPC Essentials software it states that it is unlocked as my authorization status is registered (see image).

But in Cubase, when I add MPC Essentials as an instrument, I receive the plugin error, which silences the plugin, and I checked and it states that my authorization status is unregistered, while it has my serial number in it (see image).

I checked the instructions in the software and it states that in Cubase I will need to Select the Transport>Project Synchronization Setup… menu item. Tick the MMC Slave Active item (see image).

That option is not available in AI. Is there another way to get the plugin in Cubase to recognize that the software is authorized and to unsilence it so I can add it to my composition?


Can you Unlock it within a Cubase?

No I can’t unlock it within Cubase. The plugin instructs me to go to MPC Essentials standalone software to unlock, which I do, but it is already unlocked. So I am stuck in a loop.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the MPC Essentials and the Cubase AI 8 software and am still having the same problem. For some reason the plugin is not registering the software as unlocked.


I would say, this is a question for AKAI, how to unlock from the plug-in.

this is resolved. I resolved it in Cubase 10 Pro - There are steps you have to follow in Cubase to unlock the plugin for Essentials and MPC Beats.
It requires setting up the Midi Machine Control Remote in Cubase. I would close this, but can’t see how.