MPE and Note Expression Input Issue

I’m trying to configure an ‘Osmose’ to work correctly with Nuendo 13 (asking here, since there might be more users) and after setting up the Note Expression Input in Studio Setup for MPE, it doesn’t seem to function correctly.

Testing out plugins like Roli Studio/Equator, where I can visually monitor the MPE input, it seems like when I press the key down it activates the ‘pressure’ stage, but pushing down further for aftertouch, it resets the pressure and then goes into aftertouch. Similar feedback with the ROLI blocks hardware as well, so it isn’t device specific.

I also noticed, no matter what settings I change in ‘Note Expression Input’ it seems to have no effect. Swapping X and Y axis or even disabling Pressure, X or Y still triggers the note with pressure and pitchbend. The ‘Apply’ button is also always faded out, no matter what change I make. Note Expression Input is selected as the instrument input.

MPE seems to work fine in Logic and Ableton Live. Wondering if this is a bug or if I’m missing a step here? Anyone running the Osmose or other MPE instruments with this issue?

macOS Ventura 13.6 | M1 Max

I’m having this issue with the Roli Seaboard, it’s just not responding correct, I’ve had no issues with this in Nuendo 12/Cubase 12 so it must be something that broke in 13. Also I’ve tried to load Equator and SWAM instruments in Bitwig and it works flawlessly there.

If it is indeed just a question for setting it up properly in Nuendo 13 in my case, I’d love to know how as well.

Nope, I couldn’t get anyone to respond here or on the Nuendo forum. Some people on Osmose’s FB mentioned it was working fine with Cubase (probably an older version), so I assumed it was only a Nuendo 13 problem. Thing is, I don’t even know how to report this bug or get Steinberg to acknowledge the issue.

It works perfectly fine in Nuendo 12, but the multi note input is messed up in N13. I switched over to Bitwig whenever I use the Osmose.

So I actually just built a new computer and I had 4 usb hubs with various devices and controllers attached:

Roli Seaboard
Machine Mikro
Mikro Freak
Wacom Tablet

It was all working fine on my old machine but this new one had issues.
I looked at the motherboard and it turns out my new motherboard has fewer USB headers so I removed to USB hubs and now I only use 2. For some reason, it started working. Might be a bandwidth issue on my end at least that is solved for now. Will test it more tomorrow. I changed a setting as well which I currently don’t remember so I’ll post it here as well, or if it indeed made any difference.

Hope you can get yours to work as well!

I’m on macOS and have been connecting the Osmose directly to the USB-C port. Roli Blocks was via Bluetooth.

Here’s a short video I had posted which shows slide and pressure values jittering when I press more than 2 notes:

Yep, do let me know if some setting somewhere helped you with this. Thanks.

MPE expression device is not working fine with Osmose and Nuendo 13, works fine with 12

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