MPE Input - Clarification Please


I’m wondering if I can use VST Live as a host for playing the Linnstrument. I would like to do so in ‘split keyboard’ mode, which would entail 2 instances of an MPE synth, with each track either receiving midi channels 1-8 or 9-16, filtered by something like the Input Transformer in Cubase. I’d be grateful for clarification as to whether this is possible in VST Live.

Thanks for any help.


It is possible if you create 16 Layers for 16 channels, and use the keyzone feature to split those across the device. We are planning to add a channel filter too, which would meake it easier in that you’d only need two Layers then. However even with the 16 Layer variant, once set up, you can reuse the Part, either make it default, or use as Global Part, or copy/paste, or drag/drop to Media Bay.

We have added a layer MIDI Input channel selector for the next version. In your case, you will then create 2 Layers, tick channels 1-8 in the first selector, and for a 2nd Layer tick channels 9-16. Then split those 2 Layers using the “Zone” view (in Layer view header).

Thanks for responding Musicullum - that’s excellent news. I’ll look out for the next release.!