MPE playback and editing

I’m recording MIDI from my Haken Continuumini, and I want to edit it, and of course play it back. At first it seems fine. It plays back perfectly. But going to the Key Editor, it’s not recorded as MPE “Note Expression” data. All the controllers are available at the bottom of the window, just as regular MIDI data. (Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and cc74 are the ones I’m interested in, being MPE). I don’t know why it doesn’t record as MPE Note Expression, even though I ticked all the right boxes in the main window Inspector Note Expression tab before recording.

Never mind, I found the MIDI menu > Convert to Note Expression function, with help from this forum. (Thank you, J.) I convert the part to Note Expression, and now all the controllers in the Key Editor disappear from the lanes at the bottom. Instead, they appear in the pop-up box for every note as Note Expression, just as I expect. I can edit each note’s Note Expression.

But wait - when I play back the part, my Continuumini is not receiving any MIDI. It’s silent. It’s still working, cos I can play and hear it. AND, if I click a note in the Key Editor (or List Editor), that note DOES play back into my Cmini. Selecting individual notes sends MIDI out, and is received, but when I play the whole line, MIDI appears to be sending, but nothing is played on the Cmini, my MPE instrument.

I know, it makes no sense. Not only that, I had this working, to a degree, earlier this year. But now, I am at a loss. Any ideas, oh Cubase MIDI gurus?

  • why doesn’t C10 record MPE Note Expression and display it properly as it’s recorded?
  • why, after converting to Note Expression, does my MIDI part not play back, even though selecting individual notes results in MIDI reception from my instruments?

I’m grateful for any advice or possible tips. Using C10.0.60 Pro, on Windows.



Please double-check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure the MIDI data are not filtered out in the Thru list.

Thanks for the try, Martin. But no, nothing is filtered out. And in my case, it’s playing back fine before I “Convert to Note Expression”. After I do the Convert, my Continuumini isn’t receiving anything. So it’s clearly not a filtering issue.

Any other ideas?


What MIDI Controllers did you use? MIDI CC7 or MIDI CC11 by any chance?

The standard MPE controllers, which are Pitchbend, Aftertouch, and cc74 (brightness) for the Y-axis. Also cc87, which gives higher resolution for the Y-axis. So, not 7 or 11, no.