MPEG-4 AUDIO -Is it possible.

Is it possible to open MPEG-4 audio file in cubase or wavelab? It’s karaoke file.

Aloha cub

Here is what I tried:

1-Took an .aiff file and opened it in QuickTime.
2-Exported the .aiff file out of QuickTime as an MPEG4 file.
3-Opened C5
4-Tried to import the MPEG4 file into C5.

In the resulting import dialog box the MPEG4 file could be ‘seen’
but was grayed out and could not be imported.

‘Drag and Drop’ also did not work.

I would say that if you have MPEG4 files that you want to use with C5,
first covert them to .wav or .aiff files.

I’ll keep trying at this. Maybe there is a work-a-round. I’ll let you know of any real progress.


Thanks “curteye”!
It worked. And you were right. C5 doesn’t open MPEG-4’s.
But becide that I found a little free software called “MPEG Streamclip”. It works even better and very simple. Here is the link if anybody face the same problem:

But thank you anyway!!!