MPEX TimeStretch - Apple Silicon

Just wanted to ask if there’s any chance the MPEX algorithm will be coming Apple Silicon version of Nuendo at any point. I find it’s the one thing I have to open Nuendo under Rosetta for.
I’ve tried elastique for speeding up voiceovers, but it just doesn’t cut it. You can hear the artifacting and warble it creates.
Where as MPEX does it so much better.
Just really hopeful it’s coming back at some point.


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Same question here. I’m using N11 on non Silicon Mac and N12 on Silicon but they’re not compatible without Roseta 2 because MPEX.

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Is there any news about when will MPEX be available for Apple Silicon?

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+1 MPEX is the only thing that works.

@Steinberg…could you please make this useable ?

Or if this is not possible, please add “Elastique Pro Monophonic Formant algorithm” which seems to be ok as well.