MPK249 - Midi Remote Map -- Transport Controls not working

Here’s what happens:

  1. Create Mini Controller Surface for MPK 249. Click the transport controls on the MPK249 and Cubase maps them.

  2. Map them in the mapper (rewind, Forward, Stop, etc).

  3. Hit one of the mapped Transports on the MPK249, it works for that one press, then they all don’t work at all.

The Last Touched Control still shows the button presses, but none of the assigned mappings to the transport works.

Is this a bug? I need those transport controls to work.

You probably need to set those buttons to “Toggle” from the mapping assistant, and they’ll behave. (hopefully)

Or the reverse. If they are set to toggle you change them to momentary. Does the MPK 249 have a companion app where you can change what its buttons send?

Same problem with MPK225. In my opinion it is a bug and I hope it will be fixed in the next updates.
Currently, I have solved it by using the legacy mode for transport controls and the new remote midi to map everything else.

Where/How did you setup legacy mode for the transport controls?

Appreciate the replies!

Take a look here