MR 816 driver problem

Does anyone know the reason why the MR816 driver gets deactivated each time I switch off my computer?
I have to deinstall and reinstall the driver upon booting the system every time.


So, after having circumvented the original driver issue by de- and reinstalling the driver each time I switch on the computer, lately the driver won’t let itself get deinstalled at all. It simply gets stuck in the middle of deinstallation process. Hence I can’t use my MR 816 at all.

Someone please help!!!


I have to say that I think you definately have a serious enough problem, to validate a complete reformat, this definately shouldnt happen,and I am presuming its with your system specifically, and definately not an inherent problem with the Mrx drivers.

please check also which Firewire driver your are using? , the driver for the actual card, not the Mrx.

Yes, this happens to my T.C. Electronic Konnekt 8 Interface as well. There seems to be a problem with some Windows setting.