MR + SM7b = Too Quiet

So I’m having a little problem. Setting up our studio here at work. I went with the Yamaha n12 (already have an MR816 CSX too) and a Shure SM7b for tracking voiceovers, but the signal is really, really quiet. I know SM7b’s are a little quieter than other mics, but I was just at the music store, where they plugged it straight into an Apogee and it had enough gain, so I’m doing something wrong here.

Has anyone tried this combo? Any experiences with the SM7b? I’ve tried the mic through both the Yamaha n12 and the Steinberg MR816, and I get very low levels. How could this be?



Check to see that you don’t have the pad kicked in. I’ve used a 7b with both the n12 and my current MR rig and have at times wished the mic had less output on big voiced singers.