MR/UR, Cue Sends and Zero Latency

The Cubase user manual states that it’s not possible to use the Control Room Cue Send feature with the Zero Latency setting of most audio interfaces. However, I seem to recall reading somewhere that it is possible, with Steinberg’s MR/UR interfaces.

Is this correct?

i used to use M-Audio 10 i/o with cubase send cues with zero latency.
it just didnt had Fx for monitoring from DSP.

the thing with UR/MR is that they can integrated with cubase and controlling them from cubase mixer, and use their DSP Fx to monitor or record in real time.

u can do that with other interfaces which has DSP Fx and support direct monitoring , but u have to use the soundcards mixer editor to route and control.

Hello all you MR816 users ;

I am glad your asking these direct monitoring and “no and low” Headphone Cue latency questions because it appears
very few of us have it figured it out and MANY are just frustrated and stuck… I’m on a mission to create world class -“zero” or almost zero latency headphone cue mixes here in Dallas TX.

*Seems like, “Marcus” at Norburry Brook studios in UK is the clearest on the “How to’s and Why’s” and is successful.

QUESTION: Is it possible to use the Cubase Cue Sends with DIRECT Monitoring with a ZERO Latency???. Would anyone care to explain it to me and perhaps do a simple “MAP”. I’m close but still not “Direct Monitoring” successful.

ANOTHER POSSIBILITY–Can I send via “Direct Monitoring” Audio out the ADAT outputs 1 and 2 that is prefader audio before it goes thru the computer and Cubase. If I can do this I will send this “pre-fader” audio to a completely separate and stand alone digital mixer (X32core) and build my ZERO latency Headphone CUE mixes in the offline mixer and then send them out the ULTRANET port (Midas/Behringer’s CAT5e Protocol) to be redistributed thru out my studio to the POWERPLAY 16 Satellite Headphone boxes.

OK I use 2 MR816csx’s, they are Fire Wired and linked together with SPDIF as Steinberg recommends. Everything shows up as it is supposed to in DEVICES and I also use the Control Room and the Headphone CUE sends very successfully with EFFECTS as it was designed to be used out to 6 satellite boxes in my 4 room studio via CAT5e. OK the 4 mono CUE sends and 1 GLOBAL stereo in 5/6 ( in CUE cans) works fine.(These are fed from MR816 #1’s TRS outputs) BUT, there is still latency and comb filtering going on in the HeadPhones.

(Very fast QUAD computer, ASSUS motherboard) and latency of 3.78 at 128 buffer.

I track alot of rhythm sections here in Dallas and as I said above MY mission is World Class Headphone Cue mixes especially for ensemble players and vocalists.

Any Help appreciated and thank-you in advance.

Ken Boome in Dallas TX

214-321-BOOM (2666) --studio