MR816 csx and MONITORS!!!

Hey gang,

This may be a terribly stupid question, but for the life of me I’m can’t figure it out. I want to send output sound from my DAW to my monitors. Why can’t I get it to work?! I have monitor left and right connected to analogue output 1 and 2. The MREditor is showing that my DAW is outputting the sound, but for the life of me I can’t get it to actually come out of the monitors.

I realize this is a very “newb” question. But I’ve only recently upgraded. Any help would be appreciated.

check out my post two down from yours—“finally up and runnin”…I had the same issue that required a windows sp3 hotfix…if ur runnin xp that is

Things to check

1: Devices / vst setup : you have got the 816 chosen as you output device?

2: Vist Connections :

If you have the Control Room activated (in the Control Room Tab) make sure you have the L/R output selected as the main out in the Control Room Tab. Also make sure you don’t have L/R output assigned i the Output tab as well.

If you have the Control Room disabled (in the Control Room Tab and maybe best if you’re starting out) make sure you have the L/R out assigned in the Output Tab

In either of these situations you can select to have the click track sent to the L/R output … you should be ableto hear it when Cubase is put into playback.

Hope this helps