MR816 CSX, distortion and dropouts resolved!

I recently installed MR Tools and the MR816 CSX on my PC with Windows 7.
I use Cubaes 6.5.

The unit did not work properly.
I had distortion and dropouts.
The Firewire connection is direct with no hub in between.

It is not well documented, but there is a tool enclosed with MR-Tools.
In my case it was necessary to inrease the buffer for the Firewire interface.
The tool is named “ysfwutility.exe”.
Setting the IEEE 1384 buffer to “Medium” resolved my problem.

Claes Olsson

Hi similar problem here but different solution. I recently upgraded from Win XP (32bit) to Win 7 Pro (64bit) on the same computer with the same preipherals. All software upgraded well to 64bit as welll as a nice upgrade to 24Gb memory. The only bad thing was that 64bit MR816csx sounded horrible with dropouts.

I am grateful for the many helpful posts here but sadly none of those I read have helped. To make matters worse, latency monitor and DPC Latency checker said my system did not have a problem. I asked Steinberg support for help some weeks ago but have not heard back.

Today I discovered the following on the Avid site:

Enable Legacy FireWire Controller Driver (FireWire interfaces only)

This will change the FireWire controller on your system to the legacy controller previously used on Windows XP and Vista. In many cases, the legacy controller improves FireWire performance on Windows 7 and can resolve many Pro Tools issues such as DAE errors, freezes, and pops and clicks.
•Open the Start menu. Right-click on Computer and choose Properties.
•Click on Device Manager in the upper left corner.
•In the Device Manager window, double-click on IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers.
•Double-click on the controller (or port) that your FireWire interface is connected to.
•Click on the Driver tab.
•Click on Update Driver.
•Choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
•Choose ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’.
•Choose ‘1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)’.
•Restart the computer.

It has worked for me. If this is already well-known, my apologies for repeating.

Thanks Claes

My PCI Firewire card recently died and I was forced to use the internal on-board Firewire.

The tool is named “ysfwutility.exe”.
Setting the IEEE 1384 buffer to “Medium” resolved my problem.

This too solved the drop-outs problem with this port.

Thank you for posting.

I can’t seem to find “ysfwutility.exe”. I’ve searched my computer and can’t find it. Where should it reside.
Is it any different from the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver utility that sits in my systray?

Indeed it is different. Look in the download package for the driver. It’s in the utility subfolder I believe.

Found it…Thanks!