MR816 csx instructions to safely Uninstall


I’ve been having problems with a brand new computer, Cubase 8 Artist and MR816 csx. (See kit list below).

The sound works fine with games, Youtube, etc. but when I turn on Cubase 8 it initially started stuttering and jumping and crashing. I’ve tried downloading the legacy Firewire program and that hasn’t helped. I’ve updated all software and drivers and that hasn’t helped. Even the computer company I bought it from can’t help.

So I’ve ended up buying a Babyface Pro instead. In anticipation of this, could someone talk my through how to completely remove the MR816 and its software, so I won’t get any conflicts.

I’d b very grateful of any guidance.

Windows 7 64 bit
Cubase 8 Artist
Intel 5820K Haswell-E 3.3GHz 6 Core 12 Threads
nVidia GTX 970 4GB
PCIe Firewire 400
M-Audio Axiom 25
Steinberg CC121
Steinberg MR816 csx

Uninstall everything related to the MR (editor, extensions, FW driver, etc.)? You can find these in Programs and Features which can be found in the Control Panel.

I have the same model MR as you with no problems, though I am not using Windows 7 anymore, so the problem is possibly related to your system configuration (hardware or software). Since you already bought another audio device, that’s irrelevant to you.

Also, you may be wanting to upgrade to Windows 10 as Windows 7 is being phased out, but that’s a personal preference.

Hi Elektrobolt,

Many thanks for the reply.I’ll try those suggestions.