MR816 CSX Surround to stereo

Hi everyone,

While I wait for the support to answer, I thought I’d also post my issue on here. I believe my audio card is playing in a surround mode, I can’t say much other than I noticed it when I stream videos during studio-breaks. Some audio simply disappears, and I also notice decibel changes in music I know is mastered to 0dB. This problem occured after I re-installed windows 7 on a new pc. Anybody familiar with this?

  • Forgot to say I did have a look at my audio settings, and usually I can change it in there, but the option is gone now. I even tried to install audio drivers that were recommended for my motherboard.

Do you work with Cubase? Do you have surround panners activated in the Mixer. Sometimes this happens automatically when you choose a VSTi with surround channels.

Oh no, it’s no problem inside of cubase. Its outside the DAW that it happens. It annoys me when I stream videos to find spoken words/phrases for my productions, I can’t hear half of the content I find on youtube. Which made me believe it’s either the interface, or windows which is causing this problem.

What output / speaker settings do you have activated in the windows system control?

Hi Svengali,

Sorry for the late respons. I have the interface activated as the sound source.

*I did a reset on the interface aswell.

I think I have this same problem. Audio Playback is in surround and many videos in youtube lack sound. I am trying to force it to stereo but don’t know how to.

Any ideas?