MR816 firewire 400 or 800

I understand MR816 csx runs on IEEE 400. Is there a new model for IEEE 800 coming soon? I just rebuilt with I7 3770, W7, 64bit, and IEEE 400 & 800 & want to maximize. Any advise on if it makes a difference? Waiting to buy a couple of MR816csx till I find out. Apreciate any help. Thanks


Runs beautifully via FW800 on a quad core i7 here… just got a cable with FW 400 on one end and FW800 on the other. And yes I even have a second FW800 drive on the 816 pass through port (with a similar 800-400 cable) which has all my VSTi content on it. No issues at all.

Mac based BTW, Lion 10.7.4



Thanks, I’m sure it works fine on FW400. Are there any plans for Yamaha to put out a version with FW 800? Does anybody know?