MR816 Firewire working with new Mac Pro?


I have a MR816 and was wondering if anyone is using this unit with a new Mac Pro? I ask the question because my current system is a 2012 Mac Pro working solidly for years. I need a new system and a backup also. The new Mac Pro has thunderbolt 3 ports. I found this article saying the interface works with this adapter

So will it work if I use that cable and a thunderbolt to thunderbolt adapter? thats two adapters in line to the convertor. Another option might be to get a thunderbolt card and install that into a free slot. Thinking of how I can use these convertors with a new Mac as I really don’t want to buy new convertors.

The MR816 drivers for MacOS only works up to Mojave so if your Mac Pro can run Mojave (and you’re fine with an old OS) then things are good. The adapters work as you described, I’m running FireWire like that on a MacBook Pro (on Mojave).

Thank you so much for this jemangs. I just re-read my post and saw that I had a typo, I meant to say thunderbolt to thunderbolt 3 adapter. So just to confirm you are using Firewire to thunderbolt adapter and a thunderbolt to thunderbolt 3 adapter, is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

I have Thunderbolt 3 (“USB-C”) in my MacBook.
I’m using a
Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 2 - adapter, coupled to this is a
Thunderbolt -> Firewire - adapter, coupled to this is my N12 and 2 * MR816