MR816 Headphone

I’m using 2 active monitors on monitor bus 1 and 2.
If I only want to use my headphone, connected to front headphone 1 on the MR816,
I need to power off the active monitors. In the software it is not possible(?) to make
a routing to the headphone instead of monitor 1,2,3…?
Who can help.

Thanks in advance.


which Host software do you use ?



Dear Chris,

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, Cubase 6.5.1 64 bit.
Already solved the problem. Found the solution on the forum.
What is not logical is that the phone output is not direct
accessible like monitor 1-8. You lose 4 monitor outputs for 2 headphones.
Something to think about with a software update?

Best regards, mit freundliche Grüsse,