mr816 looks like before but there´s no sound


after updating from vista to win7 everything looks the same, driver shows in system management without faults etc.,
Cubase connections look good, no problems are being reported,

Cubase cursor runs, but no peak meter shows life…

I tried all available mr816 updates, nothing works.

Any idea?

Thanks, Tom

I had this problem 5 years back when I first bought my MR’s. It turned out to be a setting in the MR editor.
Try opening the editor and make sure that the faders are turned up.

Thanks for your answer.
Reinitializing the MR Editor does not help…
I now connected a TASCAM MKII… and Cubase works just perfect.

Something must have happend with the MR816 during the Win7 update.

Next I will try to connect it to another Win7 system.
If it won´t work there, then it´s simply broke, i suppose.