mr816 not recognized! [SOLVED]

So I had every thing OK with my MR816CSX
then one day to another I can’t use my MR816 any more,
the leds (WCLK; 96K; 88K; 48K; 44K; INTERNAL; ADAT; SPDIF) are flashing like a christmas tree :frowning:

On Troubleshooting, on the manual says:

■ Word Clock Source lamps and Sample Rate lamps flash in order.
Settings on the MR816 CSX/MR816 X and connections
· When the lamps flash, the MR816 CSX/MR816 X may not be
recognized by the connected computer. Turn off then on of the power of the corresponding MR816 CSX/MR816 X, or disconnect the IEEE1394 cable from the MR816 CSX/MR816 X then connect again.


  • Win7 Pro x64
    Nuendo 5.5.4 x64 and x32
    CPU, I7 3930K 3.20GHz 12MB
    RAM, 1600MHZ 64GB
    TI FW interface, DAWICONTROL DC-FW800 PCI-E
    (I have the DC FW interface on legacy)
    connected to MR816CSX by “pro snake” FireWire Cable, 6-pin connection with 10m length

I turn off then on the power;
I disconnected the IEEE1394 cable, then connected cable again;
I uninstalled the TOOLS_for_MR_V172_Win64 and restart the PC and installed again;

and nothing,
the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver shows everything blank.

I’m on this, all day long…
Every thing here is powered by UPS, an APC Smart-UPS 3000VA LCD 230V…

Please, any ideas?


I restore the Factory-programmed Settings
and it recognize, then I install the firmware update, and every thing is ok :slight_smile:

And how did you do this?

Sorry didn’t answer sooner,
I don’t know if understand your question,
How I restored the Factory-programmed Settings, right?

Was in the manual, page 22
Manual Link:

Restoring the Factory-programmed Settings (Factory Set)
You can reset all the settings of the MR816 CSX/MR816 X to the initial factory-programmed
one by turning the power on (pressing the [STANDBY/ON] switch to the ON position)
while holding the multi function encoder knob and [PAD] button.
While the operation is being performed, all the lamps of the MR816 CSX/ MR816 X will flash.
When the flashing stops, the operation is completed
and the MR816 CSX/MR816 X starts normally with the factory settings.

!! > CAUTION !
Never attempt to turn off the power while factory settings
are being written to internal memory.
Turning the power off in this state results in loss of all user data and may cause the system to freeze
(due to corruption of data in the internal memory).
This means that MR816 CSX/MR816 X may not be able to operate properly,
even when turning the power on next time.

I just had the same problem. I have 2 MR816s, one X, and one CSX. On the editor, the X was flashing red. I turned them off, unplugged them, restarted and all is well.