Mr816 output as external FX issue

Hello everyone! I’m trying to use outputs 5/6 on my 816 as an external FX to my hardware FX units. The thing is, the audio output hardware panel control from the 816 on Cubase only gives me output volume control IF this 5/6 output is set to be a real output on Cubase audio configuration. If I set 5/6 to be an external FX output on the external FX tab, the master volume control of those channels do not show up on the audio hardware window control. So in order for me to have any signal on those channels is to leave the master volume knob on the audio interface itself open at all times. It seems like this volume knob controls all the outputs of the interface. The only way for this knob to control individual outputs is if these outputs are listed on the master volume tab on the audio hardware window, so I can select which output the knob will control. But since 5/6 are set on the External FX outputs tab, 5/6 never show on the master volume tab to be controlled at all.
For now, the only work around is to Let the master volume knob on the audio interface open at all times, so I’m sure that 5/6 will carry signal, and if I don’t want my main master 1/2 to be open (sometimes I don’t want to use the monitor speakers, and only listen on headphones), I turn their volume down on the software. But it seems like a bug to me, that 5/6 are not consider outputs by the software only because they are being used as external FX outputs. Am I missing something? All in all, how to control via software the signal of outputs that are set on external FX tab?

In my experience.

  1. Set up the Input and Output busses in Cubase. Make 5/6 your selection on that Input and Output buss in the Studio/Audio Connections/Ext Effects Tab, Add External Effects and select stereo or mono for what you are doing. Assign the AUDIO device there which is the MR. Select the DEVICE PORT which is 5/6 for you.

If you do this correctly you will have a Send Gain and a Return Gain after you drag that EXT EFFECT into Cubase. Steinberg/External Plugins is where it is located.

  1. Once you have the EXTERNAL EFFECT plugin loaded up, simply go to the AUDIO track you want to send to and Activate/turn on that slot in the inspector. Then simply lower or raise the SEND level going to your effects for that track.

  2. The MR Console has NOTHING to do with this as it is an INPUT mixer if you will UNLESS you need to route those inputs to an ADAT cable.

  3. Maker sure you effects box has the Send/Return on it up as well.