MR816 problem under C8

I’m having a problem changing projects with different sample rates. When I do so, my MR816s lose connectivity with Cubase.

C8.0.5, W7Pro/64bit, i7920/9gigs, Giga ex58 w/ TI chipset. 2x MR816 daisychained w/ Steiny cables.

Worked pretty well up to 7.5


Open project. (e.g. 96k/32bit, multitrack mix). Save, close, open different project (e.g.44.1k/16bitr mix.)
Cubase loses contact with MR816s. Open device menu and the device buttons on the asio panel don’t work. Freq. lights on MRs sequence and don’t stop.

Work around is to turn the MR816s off and back on. When they reconnect to the computer, the asio/audio warning screen in C8 disappears and the system then seems to work.

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