MR816 side by side with RME Multiface

I am thinking of getting a MR816, I am currently using a RME Multiface and was wondering if I can ran them both on the same machine?

You can’t run them both at the same time in Cubase.

I have an RME Digiface AND 2 MR818Xs on the same computer. You can’t use their drivers simultaneously in Cubase but what I do is hook up the MR816s to the adat I/O of the Digiface and then use the superior RME drivers (not to mention the FANTASTIC Totalmix app) in Cubase. I didn’t load the MR extension (but I use the MR mixer for routing) and use Totalmix for monitoring, cue sends etc. This is a very elegant solution and it will work for you with the Multiface.

thanks for the response!

If you are used to RME stuff, you will be very disappointed by the MR816. Stick to RME - I know I should have, having gone from a Fireface to an MR816x.

I respectfully disagree. I had a Fireface (among other units in the studio), switched to MR series and have been very happy. The only area that I think RME is superior is obviously in the driver features. Otherwise, I’ve found the sound quality to match or exceed the Fireface in every application I’ve tried. Latency has also been very good with the MR816, but you may still be able to push the Fireface a little better at very low latencies. However, nothing beats the flexibility of the RME driver, so if you depend on those features, then you will feel like you’re missing something from the MR series.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the MR816 so much, I went out to buy a Yamaha N12 as well, and daisy-chained them. I have been extremely pleased with the results, and they work great together. The MR816 + N12 is a simply superb combination, that makes up for the shortcomings of the features in the driver, IMO, by adding numerous other advantages such as having a physical, tangible surface. I’ve added a CC121 to the system as well, and this combination with the above is amazing to me, despite the minor shortcomings and quirks (i.e.: CC121’s eq knobs are reverse from Cubase screen, but I’m used to that). :slight_smile:

Anyway, going back to RME, it’s a great piece of hardware with one of the most powerful drivers on the market, which you will miss if you need very specific features it offers. Steinberg (and everyone else) could (and should) learn a lot from how flexible RME’s driver concept is. On the other hand, the MR (and N) series work and sound fantastic, especially at their price point, and together, integrate beautifully into Cubase. It’s a choice with pluses and minuses on both sides. Good luck!

I love the sound of the MR816 and having the reverb is nice, that’s why having both the MR816X (X2) and the RME Digiface is perfect!


you did not say whether you are on PC or Mac, but on the latter you can easily set up an aggregate device with them. Cubase will then recognize them as one single unit. Problem solved.