MR816 switching off while working in Cubase!

A strange thing happened yesterday : my MR816 suddenly switched off while I was working on a project in Cubase!! No sound, no lights anymore, just like it was switched off.

After flipping the off/on switch, everything worked again and I could continue my project without a glitch.

My MR816 sits in a rack, but I left the rackspace above it free for ventillation + this occured in the beginning of my project, so I don’t think heat was the problem.

Anyone experienced this? Or could this be the sign of a bigger problem? (my MR816 was bought new in december 2009).


Hello Peter,

We have not recieved further reports about this. Please be sure that the power cable is connected corectly to the MR and the power socket.



Hi Chris,

I purchased the MR in december 2009 and it has always been connected the same way since then.
I use it almost daily and this was the first time.

I hope this was a one time incident because it was scary, but as I said, nothing of my work was lost. I just switched it off and on again and I could continue working on my project.