MR816 versus Fireface and other issues.

Shopping for a new interface. Would anybody care to comment on the merits of the MR816 versus the RME Fireface?
We would also like to know what sort of latency the units are achieving.
There seems to be a lot of choice out there at the moment with a wide range of prices. Although some peculiarites. Why for example do so many interfaces have 8 inputs but only two guitar/bass inputs? Why not 8? Would it be verymuch more expensive to have hiZ and low-Z inputs. Surely people must be recording bands with three guitars?
And while asking speculative questions why only firewire and USB? Why not for example, Ethernet cables, or HDMI cables?

I have both. Get the MR816 locally (so you can return it if need be) and try it out. It’s integration with Cubase is great. If you can’t get the dropouts to go away, get the FF800. It’s rock solid, but no built in reverb like the MR816. If the FF800 had reverb, I’d have stuck with that.

Hi Sunshy!
Many thanks for your reply.

Reading between the lines. You had dropouts with the MR816. Did you get them to go away?

You like to add reverb to your monitor mix. Do you use direct monitoring or monitor through Cubase?

What latency does your system achieve with the Mr816 and the FF800 in milliseconds? S.

I still have drop outs. Going to see if I can get a different firewire card (though this one is TI) to see if it goes away. I still have my FF800 in case I want to go back. I use direct monitoring and love the reverb on the MR81. I get the following latencies with the 816:

512 buffer
12.63 ms input
14.807 ms output



Many thanks for the reply.
Not a good sign for the MR816.
Your specs start at 128 samples. Do you use this setting? where the dropouts start? 128, 256, or 512?
We find 256 samples [7ms.] is tolerable for monitoring through Cubase, although some people complain.
I notice your input latency and output latency are markedly different. Both systems I have used have nearly identical input and output latency. I wonder if that is a peculiarity of the MR816. :nerd: