MR816 with Windows 11

Will my MR816csx’s be a definite No No with windows 11.
My two units are still still working fine on my windows 10 set-up.

According to the compatibility chart, they are shown as compatible…

They haven’t been compatible with Windows 10 since version 1809, I believe. If this is true, it may breathe new life into them.

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Wow, fingers crossed. Thanks for the info.

Hm, I just realized my computer is not compatible with Windows 11 :frowning: What’s the cheapest Windows 11 computer with Firewire that can run Cubase? :slight_smile:

Updated to Windows 11 yesterday. MR816 csx is working again. Has run for over 24 hrs. with nary a peep of trouble. Performance seems improved, too.

I couldn’t get more than 30 min. or so between BSODs in the later updates to Windows 10. 1809 was the last stable release.

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I’m on Windows 10 (v21H2) 19044.2846, running the latest MR816 driver and it works fine.
Ryzen 3900x and 32Gb.

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