MR816 with Windows 11

Will my MR816csx’s be a definite No No with windows 11.
My two units are still still working fine on my windows 10 set-up.

According to the compatibility chart, they are shown as compatible…

They haven’t been compatible with Windows 10 since version 1809, I believe. If this is true, it may breathe new life into them.

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Wow, fingers crossed. Thanks for the info.

Hm, I just realized my computer is not compatible with Windows 11 :frowning: What’s the cheapest Windows 11 computer with Firewire that can run Cubase? :slight_smile:

Updated to Windows 11 yesterday. MR816 csx is working again. Has run for over 24 hrs. with nary a peep of trouble. Performance seems improved, too.

I couldn’t get more than 30 min. or so between BSODs in the later updates to Windows 10. 1809 was the last stable release.

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I’m on Windows 10 (v21H2) 19044.2846, running the latest MR816 driver and it works fine.
Ryzen 3900x and 32Gb.

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Hello there, I know two years have passed but are you still using it by any chance? And does it still work with windows 11? I found a very good price on a used one and I’m considering to buy it, but windows 11 does not support firewire anymore so I’m a little worried about that (albeit there are the legacy drivers, do you use those or just the interface’s drivers?). I would need to do a FireWire 400 to Thunderbolt conversion (apparently I saw online it is a 3 steps conversion), but I’m more worried about the drivers than anything else. Especially because I saw people with other interfaces having issues…

Of course, Windows 10 and 11 is working fine with mr816. But you have to use with T.I chipset 1394 card.

and you don’t need to convert to thunderbolt. Just use TI chipset on 1394 pci card.

Hi there, thank you for the reply!
I have a laptop with thunderbolt not a “tower” pc, so I don’t think PCI card is a viable option… Might also end up more expensive to do as I think I need pci to express adapter and then express to usb (from a quick internet search), so I think for now I’ll still consider the thunderbolt adapter route, but thank you for giving me an extra option to consider.

Did you get this working with Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter?

Hi there, I couldn’t try yet, I will be able only this summer unfortunately.

This guy managed to make an interface that is not even supported on Windows 10:
(I can’t post links apparently, search “how to connect a firewire audio interface to a mac or pc with thunderbolt 3” video is by Scott Schramm)
So I don’t see why an interface that is still supported shouldn’t work in theory.

In any case if nobody else replied before me, I’m setting a reminder on my phone to get back to the forum this summer and let you know!

Using Windows 11 pro now, Firewire card pcie with TI chip.
My MR816csx is running good!
Noticed that latency in Windows 10 is better than Windows 11, but Cubase 13pro seems to have no problem with that.
YWS Utility driver set to large, the rest standard settings.

I’m glad it works for you… I keep getting the blue screen of death with WDF_Violation, which from my understanding it is a driver related issue… Similar to what was said here: MR816x Does Not Work With Win 10 KB4489899 ? - Steinberg Hardware / Legacy Steinberg Hardware - Steinberg Forums

I have Windows 11 22H2, currently using a VIA chip instead of TI, tried a TI one but my computer doesn’t seem to like it… It might be because of the molex connector which I didn’t connect but I can’t connect those anyware on my setup. I might try to look maybe for another board, but the thing is that the problem arises only when MR816 is on, so I doubt it is the chipset, I manage to use MR editor for about 2 seconds and the board seems connected fine, then it crashes. It seems driver related.

Hi Der_Vur,
What I did:

  • shut down pc
  • turn power off
  • disconnect powercable
    -wait for a minute
  • place the PCI-e card, it needs the TI chip,I have a DeLock 89153
  • You need to power this card with the molex connector.
  • connect powercable
    -turn on pc and start Windows
  • Windows 10 and 11 will detect your pci-e card and install the driver.

After this install the steinberg software:

  • download tools for MR version 1.7.8 64 bit
  • install the driver
  • install the YWS Utility driver, set to large
  • restart your pc
  • turn on your MR
  • Windows settings - sound - MR Yamaha default

Again, for me it works.
Good luck.

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Thank you, I will try that… I just found out the existence of Molex to USB connector, I will try those to power up.
I’ve also order a FW400 to FW400 connector as the one of the VIA chipset was using the smaller connector (4 pin I believe)… I already had a FW400 to FW800 for the TI chip.
I will try both and see what happens, hopefully one of the two will finally work… It’s been a month that I try to make it work… Time I could’ve used, well to do music instead lol

An added (maybe) issue is that I’m connecting the PCIe via an eGPU enclosure as I only have a laptop with Thunderbolt 4 ports (and Intel decided in 2021 to make the adapters to Thunderbolt 2 useless from TB4). But it doesn’t seem a problem in starting the VIA chipset and detecting Firewire at all.
I will try to set the utility to large too, I’ve only tried the middle option and S200 if I’m not mistaken.

If nothing works I will also try to install MacOS in a Virtual machine and try if the adapters work as they seem to stop working only with Windows… At least to reroute every input to ADAT and use it that way…

Update. Nothing I did made the PCIe port work. But I solved my issue by buying an old OWC Thunderbolt 3 Hub that has a Firewire 800 port. Worked straight away. I basically lost one month for nothing when the solution was that easy. I can also use the small setting in the utility driver so I have very small latency.

So if you have TB4 port with intel 12th gen processor you will not be able to use the adapters, but you will be able to use this OWC TB3 hub with Firewire 800 port. Older generations of processors might work, but I am not sure. TB3 ports can use the adapters. The issue for TB4 ports is a firmware update Intel made in 2021, also because TB support from 12th gen processors is firmware instead of software.
I might make a youtube video were I explain this better and talk about my experience if I find the time.

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