MR816-X connexion failure -> dead ?

Hello everyone,

Since yesterday, after turning it off properly, it is impossible for me to use my MR816. She refuses to sync with my PC (or my mac). the WCLK diodes S / PDIF and other turn without stopping and the card is not recognized by the MR Editor or driver. However, it appears in the Windows Device Manager.

An idea of the failure?

I had problems when I took delivery of my brand new MR816 X. I got this tip (not from Steinberg, they still haven’t bothered to respond to my support request!):

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Hold the PAD button and press the rotary 1 knob. While holding those buttons, turn the device on.
  3. When the lights flash the reset is complete.

It helped sort things out.

Yeah, thank you Svenne !

I followed your instructions but it did not work. So I retried with a step more and it worked. So for those who have this problem in the future, the following procedure:

  1. Turn of the device
  2. While keeping the pad button and rotary knob 1 pressed, turn on the device
  3. Wait for the LEDs stops flashing and 3 LEDs light up around the rotary knobs
  4. Still holding the pad button and rotary knob 1 pressed, press the rotary knob 2 and wait the the LEDs stop flashing.

After that, my MR816X works great again !