MR816csx ADAT configuration??

I use Cubase 9.5.10 with the MR816 interface. At this point I really need to be able to bring up to 8 external preamps back into a session via adat. Specifically I am considering the Presonus DP88. I’ve tried to simply change my “ins/outs” to ADAT, but Cubase doesn’t recognize the change. I’ve tried closing Cubase, making the change, then opening, but no go.

Is there a trick, or particular sequence I’m supposed to use when changing to either ADAT in, or ADAT/spdif in?



So I can have Cubase open, change to adat and I should then see the adat inputs available?

Depends on which changes you are talking about? But basically yes, if everything else is set up correctly.

I mean go to Yamaha FW control panel and switch to “adat”. I do that and nothing happens. Occasionally doing so causes Cubase to crash. Do I physically have to have a device hooked up to the adat in before it’ll work?

I don’ t know - this is the Cubase forum. Questions about your Steinberg Hardware setup belong to the Steinberg Hardware forums. But certainly it might be a good idea to have the device connected which you want to see data coming from.
The ADAT inputs in Cubase become available, as soon as they are connected to the Cubase busses.

MR Setup:

  1. On the MR Console make sure you have ADAT selected for the digital/external effects box.
  2. Make sure you have the CLOCK SOURCE in the MR console set to the MR816 or your Presonus as master and the other one slaving.
  3. Make sure your SAMPLE RATE is the SAME for both.
  4. Make sure your FADER for each ADAT input in the MR Console is at unity or zero.

    Cubase Setup:
  5. Go to Studio/Audio Connections or simply hit F4 to go there
  6. Select the INPUT TAB then ADD 8 MONO Input connections
  7. Select the ADAT INPUT for your input source int eh DEVICE PORT column/box
  8. Add your 8 MONO audio tracks in Cubase
  9. Open the INSPECTOR in Cubase and select the MONO input busses you just created for each track. *In the AUDIO CONNECTIONS you can name these as well so they are not generic.

According to the manual, the MR Editor isn’t available when using Cubase as my daw. The problem is when I use the control panel to select “adat”, nothing happens. I then open the “audio connections” and the only ins and outs available are my normal interface 1-8, and spdif (which is my standard selection). Again, after I switch to adat, there are simply no adat connections available.

The Benchmark adc-1 is coming back into the MR816 via the optical/adat, so I would think this should all be working.

I remember reading that adat is not available if you use the onboard fx of the MR816. But I don’t have one to check.

That is correct I do believe, although I’m not using the onboard fx as an insert.

IF you can’t select ADAT on the MR setup you probably need to re install your MR software AND do a HARD reset which is listed in the hardware section here by me.

Even without using the MR editor and using the extension app for the MR I can STILL select the ADAT under Steinberg/Yamaha Control panel inside of Cubase.

Check under: Studio/Studio Setup/Yamaha Steinberg FW and tell me IF you can see the ADAT inputs and outputs there. I see them here BTW

PC or Mac there?

Using a pc. I’ll check as you suggested. Just so I’m clear though, … I do see the adat selection in the control panel, and I do select it there. I’ll go back and check that path to the “Steinberg FW” and see what’s there, or not.


After more experimenting I discovered that if I change the ins/outs in the control panel to adat while an existing project is open, the adat ins do not show up in the “audio connections”,… but if I open a new, empty project, all the adat channels are there. Moreover, even if I close cubase completely, change to adat, and reopen the earlier project, the adat ins still dont appear in the audio connections.

Also, once the new empty project is open, with adat selected in control panel, if I then go to the control panel and try to change back to another setting (in my case, spdif/optical), it again doesn’t reflect accurately in the audio connections. Only after I close and reopen cubase will it change back. Is this normal behavior?


Another observation. After changing to “adat” from a different digital in/out from the Yamaha FW control panel, the only way I can get Cubase to actually show the adat ins is to close cubase completely and re-open., and upon closing I get the error message “cubase has stopped”.

Any additional thoughts on this peculiar behavior?