Given the demise of the FW Driver on this clearly a new way to connect the MR816 to computer is needed.

The RME Digiface USB appears as a possible solution giving you the USB 2 connection to computer and Cubase (ok for the small number of tracks Id use) and the ADAT io to connect directly the MR816.

Im assuming that the default with the 816 is that each analog inuput / output is directly and simultaneously used with the 8 channels of ADAT in the 816 itself. But it could be that you need to switch the internal DSP to use ADAT, and the default is nothing goes to ADAT i/o until switched. Now that switching happens in software run from your computer in my case a mac. But that software won’t run under Catalina as its 32bit not 64bit. My workaround solution to this to clone my mac to an external 1TB SSD USB 3 connected disk with two volumes one running Catalina and one Mojave allowing me to used both OS and keep my hardware all working and switch the MR816 as necessary.

What I need to know is if I switch the MR816 ADAT mode from Mojave does it retain that state when powered down then up again so I don’t have to keep resetting the ADAT mode via software switching?

If the answer is yes then presumably I can still leave all analog i/o cabled to other equip as existing just adding two new ADAT cables and the RME. Im assuming that I will lose all DSP effects like the channel morphing strip which I really like. But maybe existing Cubase effects can be substituted to get the same final sound.

Any observations appreciated.

You have to STORE your MR setup located in the top of the MR Editor, then when you power down and back up your preset loads up where it was at. IF you don’t then it defaults to its initial setup and you are screwed.
Make sure your ADAT faders are at unity and pan them 1 left 2 right 3 left 4 right etc. Don’t forget to clock the MR from the RME as well for Wordclock which would keep you from having to change sample rates on the MR.

You can use the Cubase Morphing effects and Reverb as an Effect if you set that on the MR so it shows up in Cubase as an EFFECT.

IMO, it would make more sense to grab the RME then pick up a couple of Pres you like. As long as any of the going back and forth doesn’t drive ya nuts I guess that would work for you.

Imagine if you will Steinberg release an UPDATED DRIVER for 64 bit. FW is still there in Catalina so no release other than to EOL our MR’s