MR816CSX as ADAT slave with Fireface UFX II - sync issue?


I have given up on getting my MR816 to work on my new computer which does not have FireWire.
Have tried several adapter solutions, and can get it connected but not totally stable.

I have bought a RME Fireface UFX II, and now want to use the MR816 as a slave via ADAT to be able to use it as a 8 channel mic preamp (the preamps in the unit are very good). I have connected ADAT/TOSLINK cables from ADAT OUT on the MR to ADAT IN on the Fireface, and ADAT OUT on the Fireface to ADAT IN on the MR.
I have the setup working. The mic preamps are sent via ADAT to the Fireface, and they seem to be in sync. No issues there (atleast not that I can see for now). I get sound all the way into Cubase :slight_smile:

The one thing I can not get to work seems to be that the MR816 do not change samplerate when it is changed on the Fireface (ie going from 44.1k to 48K).
Is the MR816 just beeing a bad word clock slave, or am I doing something wrong? Fireface is master (set to Internal), MR816 is set to slave via ADAT.
I can manually hook up the MR816 and change the sample rate and it will sync again. A bit of a hassle, as I must disconnect my thunderbolt docking to release the port for use with my adapter chain to get Firewire. The adapters are not working via the thunderbolt port on the dock :frowning: .
Computer is Dell XPS 15. Dock is Dell TB16.

Im assuming you set the MR to External Clock via ADAT in the Setup on the MR Console?

I would try the Wordclock route and see if that will fix the issue. Im guessing the MR just is not cooperating in changing its sample rate for you via the ADAT connection. Standard Coax cable to use for Wordclock is cheap . BNC Connector.

MR is finicky IMO

IF no resolve I would look at selling off the MR and getting a diff 8 channel unit

Our FW boxes are becoming an issue Im afraid

Thanks for the reply.
The setup seems correct, and as mentioned I can change the samplerate “manually” on the MR, and get a solid sync.
I will try via BNC / Wordclock and see if that works.

Wordclock sync via the Wordclock connection is the most stable and accurate IMO as it is a dedicated port just for that one function. It is not sending Audio and Sync down the cable like ADAT or SPDIF does

I found the following sentence in the MR816 manual:
“When using the MR816 CSX/MR816 X as the word clock slave, set the Word Clock Source parameter to “ADAT” or “S/PDIF” or “WCLK In” then set the Sample Rate to the same value as that of the master device.

Seems like the MR816 is not a good Wordclock slave, and will not change sample rate based on the wordclock signal, but things might have changed in some firmware update…

Could someone verify that the MR816 will not change sample rate based on the wordclock signal? I’m guessing I am not the first to try this… :slight_smile:

That is correct.

I have two connected via adat to a UFX and they work very well, but do not follow the sample rate set on the UFX.

I still have the MRs connected via FireWire to the PC so can easily change the sample rates manually when I need to.

Thank you for confirming this.
I don’t change samplerate that often, so I can live with it.

Im still curious if the WordClock connection would give you guys the same issue. Anyone care to check that?

I tried it once with the same issue. SR change required FW connection on the MR, which was a pain as the only one was used for the Fireface 800 I had. Too much hassle, that MR didn’t make it to my rack.

Thanks man, yeah kinda stupid it won’t lock without having the FW connected as new computers have no FW connection. Good to know

Thank you guys for clearing this up.
To bad it does not work.