MR816CSX - Can i get separate headphone mixes?

Wow…been a while since anyone posted in this forum; wonder if I’ll get an answer.
So the question is, can you set up two different headphone mixes on each of the MR816s headphone outs?
If so, how?
I thought I had if figured out, but something is stumping me.
I’m using Cubase 6.
I went into the VST connections studio tab and created 2 studios, 1 & 2.
I then opened the Audio Hardware Setup and assigned Studio 1 to Phones 1 and Studio 2 to Phones 2.
Now, I go into the Control Room Mixer and see Studios 1 and 2.
I can choose the signal source and hear my 2 separate mixes I mixed using the Studio Sends, but the issue I’m running into is that regardless if I’m plugged into Phone 1 or 2 on the MR816, I can only cycle through the mixes on the control room fader Signal Source; I can’t listen to independent mixes from the Phones output.
Am I missing something or does it just not allow to have to independent mixes on each of the Phone outs?