MR816CSX, Cubase & Keyboard Workstation (Motif XF)

Hello Steinberg Forum,

I have recently installed Cubase 11 Pro on my PC, running Windows 10 and would like to incorporate an MR816CSX Audio Interface & Keyboard Workstation (Yamaha Motif XF) into the studio setup.

All the following were installed following the Cubase install:
Steinberg Tools for MR
Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.6.6
MOTIF XF Extension V1.1.2 for Windows

Hardware is connected as follows:
Motif XF is connected to MR with FireWire and MR is connected to the PC with FireWire.

Powered Studio Monitors are connected to OUTPUTS 1(L) & 2(R) on the MR with balanced TRS cables

SPDIF Coaxial cable connected from Digital Out on Motif XF to SPDIF IN on MR.

I have tried using MR Editor to make basic settings and saved them to the MR. My understanding is that then I can fine tune the set-up in Cubase, but I have not reached that point yet.

With this set-up I would like the ability to:

Play the Motif and other instruments as standalone and monitor them directly through the MR816. In this case, I would not want to use a PC. I would, however, use the MR Editor on the PC to make settings ans save them to the MR.

Use Motif as controller and / or tone generator for use within Cubase. Still monitoring through the MR. For this, I know I will need to make settings within Cubase.

Record live sessions with the Motif or other keyboards, along with a bass player/guitar player and vocalist live using the MR and monitoring through it.

I have attempted to adjust settings using MR Editor and I have been able to monitor sound from the Motif, but the sound is distorted and there is noise present in the signal.

I tried setting the master volume to high, and then bringing up the volume on the monitor speakers as suggested in the troubleshooting section in the MR manual. But my perception was that volume levels were much too high using this approach. Just a slight increase of volume on the monitors, and i could feel the signal was going to be much too loud.

In addition, while trying to monitor the Motif through the MR, I could only adjust volume within MR Editor. I had no volume control on the Motif, as though the MR was overriding the Motif controls. Even with MR Editor closed and the PC off, I could not control the volume on the Motif. Once unplugged from MR, the Motif exhibited normal behavior and sound.

Can someone make some suggestions as to how I should set these units up correctly so I can use them in the scenarios I have described?

Moving forward, I will also want to use the MR with Cubase and the Motif. If someone can recommend specific set-up steps to take in Cubase for this equipment, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,