MR816csx Does not Revert To Preset After Using Cubase


I have an MR preset that I use as a default. It has faders 3 & 4 brought up to unity for my external keyboard. Every time I use Cubase (9.5, 12 or 13) then exit the program, mixer is reset in MR Editor with all faders down. I constantly have to relaunch MR Editor to restore the preset.

Is there any way to have the MR Editor restore the last preset used after quitting Cubase since Cubase seems to reinitialize the mixer when in use?



I’m afraid the only way to achieve this behavior would be to uninstall MR Extensions for Cubase. But then you will lose the ability to control the internal MR mixer from within Cubase and you will need to use MR Editor for that.

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t think to try that.

I’m not sure though if I want to give up that functionality. I suppose I can try it out to see what the trade off is. Otherwise I’ll keep resetting it the way I’ve been doing it.