MR816CSX firmware does not update V1.10 on Mojave


I just completed the Update process for MR816, MR restarted. However, the firmware Main in the Yamaha FW driver still shows as before:

Boot v1.00
Main v 1.00
IEE1394 v1.00

Anyone knows how to update, please?

Using Windows, I just confirmed that the Main version number in the Firmware Version section is V1.10. Why? Is this bug in the FW driver for Mac on Mojave?

Any answers to this please? It still shows on Mac Main V1.00?

I believe this has been a known bug with the display of the driver information in the FW Driver Panel software for a few years.
Mine reads the same on a Mac running Mojave which is the latest possible Mac OS to support the FW Driver. Use the MREditor Info.

Under MR Editor under setup it reads
Boot Version 1.00
Main Version 1.10
IE1394 Version 1.02

On the Yamaha FW Driver panel
Boot V1.00
Main V1.00
IE1394 V1.00

Driver Version 1.75


Thanks David. Yes the MR Editor shows V1.10.