MR816csx Loopback function

I am trying to enable the loopback function on the mr816csx. It is my goal to record audio from the internet directly to Cubase, such as from YouTube, in real time. I cannot figure out how to do this in conjunction with Cubase 7.5.4. Can anybody help me with this feature

I don’t have that unit, but does 7.5 not have the ‘Hardware’ menu item in Devices, and the Hardware tab in the mixer?

Also, Tools for mrxxx includes the dspMixFx program, you should be able to activate loopback from there as well.

Unfortunately, I do not find any controls in the devices, Hardware window to control loopback. I don’t find any hardware tab or controls on the mixer screen. Further, I have tools for mr816csx 1.7.8, but do not see a DSP mix FX program. There is no reference to loopback functionality in the operation manual, either. If you could be more specific as to where I should be looking, or the specific name of function I am searching for, I would be most grateful.

Like I said, I don’t have an MR, from what you’re saying, maybe it doesn’t have built in loopback via a switch. You can always go old school and physically patch outputs to inputs.

I had a look at the manual, and if you’re on Windows check out page 41, “5 WDM Audio Routing IN/OUT (Windows only)” Lemme know if that works.