Mr816Csx routing options with Soundcraft MFX mixer for Zoom?

Hi everyone, has anyone tried to live stream with Zoom using their MR816CSX? Also, for that purpose, can someone tell me the best way to connect my 8 channel mixer to the inputs of the MR? Would the inserts on the mixer work for this or should the main outputs of the mixer route into two of the inputs on the MR and ‘zero’ the volume of those inputs? I know it works with the Focusrite 2i2 like this. Does anyone route the main outputs of the MR to a mixer or direct to the monitors? Also, has anyone ever used the In/Out jacks for a reverb, delay or compression device? Finally, it would be great to find a source for people who use the Mr with various connection options! It’s hard to find ANYTHING that’s substantial on Youtube about the MR. Appreciate it guys!

  1. Soundcraft mixer main outputs balanced into any MR816 pair of inputs. You may need to hit the pad button on the MR for those two inputs. as well as bring the input fader on the MR mixer down depending on how much gain you have coming from the Soundcraft.

  2. Inserts are used to Send/Receive a signal on the SAME channel, say if you wanted to INSERT a compressor or an EQ on that channel.

  3. I would do it the SAME as you would the Focusrite just a stereo output pair from the Soundcraft into the MR. If you are talking about setting up Reverb, Delay or compression via an insert on the MR yes I have.

  4. Ive never done a ZOOM thing here but audio is audio in the computer. Just think of your MR as a. 2 channel interface like the Focusrite and it will make sense.

  5. The MRCSX has Compression available as well as reverb. Not to mention your Soundcraft has built in EFX

Thanks so much Shanabit! That was very helpful and very much appreciated so thank you for taking the time to do that! I did manage to get it working with zoom but I couldn’t get the audio to work when recording videos with zoom. The mic input was working fine during audio testing in Zoom but not during recording the video. Not sure. Anyways, I’ll keep playing around with the MR. Thanks so much again!

I don’t believe our MRs have a loopback feature to what you are wanting. Im thinking you have to use a 3rd party app to do that like OBS or something

Mac has a similar app for that as well

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I’ve used my 816 for zoom on Mac

Zoom only sees mic 1 in as a source. I bought Loopback from Rogue Amoeba to route other 816 inputs and it worked. Bit of fiddling around though!

Good luck!

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Thanks for that! I will definitely check it out. Be great to get this working with recording video