MR816CSX using SPDIF as main outs


I wanted to use the SPDIF of the MR816CSX to go out to a Crane song Avocet monitor controller, but I can’t for the life of me work out the routing in the MREditor.

I’ve set the digital I/O to SPDIF (opt & coax) I can see the meters for the DAW1&2 moving, but only when I select the analog outputs - OUT 1-2.

However when select either the SPDIF optical or coax sections, the DAW meters don’t move and I get no sound. I do notice that the DAW input selections change when I select the different SPDIF outputs though.

What am I doing wrong? Is it a routing problem that I’ve overlooked? Is there anyway I can permanently route the DAW outputs 1-2 to the SPDIF outputs?


Not sure what your DAW is - Cubase, Nuendo?

Are you able to set outputs 1 and 2 to s/pdif in Devices/VST Connections?

I mainly use Cubase and it works fine there if I route things via VST connections.

But I wanted route the audio from OS X as a whole through either of the SPDIF outputs so that all sound system wide from iTunes to spotify to any of the major DAWs would eventually send their sound through the Avocet.

My system is windows 7 so not sure if the mac is the same.

The picture below shows how I route all my window audio apps (media players etc) to work through the spdiff. Is this what you want to do.

How strange. That lower section doesn’t seem to exist in the mac version of the MREditor.

I just downloaded the latest version of the MR Tools 1.7.6, uninstalled all related components, restarted and then installed 1.7.6 and I still don’t have that section.

Again sorry but I’m not sure about mac’s but I think before it will show up you will have to set up your main computers audio device as being the MR816.

This has been done. It is not the problem.